About Us

Noor International Academy (NIA) is a non-discriminatory independent public school located in Sterling Heights, Michigan. Authorized by Central Michigan University, NIA offers an outstanding elementary education based on Michigan’s core curriculum and the study of international cultures, including a language, culture, and history different from one’s own. We encourage students to express and share their wealth of ethnic traditions, values, and experiences, thus enriching and nurturing one another.

NIA has certified, experienced teachers who hold degrees from nationally and internationally renowned colleges and universities. With uncommon dedication, our staff works closely with students and parents, sharing information and providing the personal attention necessary to help each child excel. Noor International Academy’s professional and paraprofessional staff and support personnel work as a cohesive team with one common purpose: a superior education for our students, the decision-makers and leaders of tomorrow.

Our Vision

1. Provide parents and children with a high quality education choice;
2. Enable the various ethnic traditions, values and experiences of the Academy’s students and community to enrich and nurture one another
3. Develop productive, successful citizens of this country and of a global society to prepare students to be competitive in an ever-changing and evolving world;
4. Create an educational environment that is conducive to learning by being clean, safe and orderly;
5. Promote a culture of life-long learning and accountability.


Our Mission

The mission of Noor International Academy is to provide its students with quality education that focuses on the Michigan core curriculum and international cultures, including the study of a language, culture, and history different from one’s own.

The academy shall provide an education that will enable the various ethnic traditions, values, and experiences of students to enrich and nurture one another. Moreover, the Academy shall provide an education of the whole child by integrating the different aspects of children’s learning and lives to make them more meaningful. The Academy will prepare its students to be independent lifelong learners and productive working members of a global society through acquired diverse knowledge, experiences and skills. The Academy shall provide an environment that encourages students to become upright responsible decision-makers, reflective of equity, respect and understanding, maximizing each individual’s intellectual, physical, psychological and moral self by utilizing a unique safe and orderly environment that is conducive to learning to meet the challenges of this ever-changing world.

HES is an Equal Opportunity Employer. As such, it is our policy to provide a work environment that promotes equitable treatment of all employees. HES will not tolerate any form of discrimination based on race, color, ethnicity, religion, gender, age, disability, or any other classification protected by law.

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